Yamada Kogyosho 山田工業所 HANAKO+a Deep Frying Pan 30cm

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Material: Body: SPHC heat rolled steel plate, nitriding, plate thickness 0.06 inches (1.6 mm), handle made of titanium
Heat Source: IH100V, 200V, Gas Fire, Seed Heater.
Size: 11.8inches (30cm)

It is made in Japan's only cutout

「打出」 method, and the subtle outlets produced by the long-established Yamada Industrial Office makes the dish even more delicious.
Due to the very strong special nitriding, it is free from rust and stiffness of iron, which is the weak point of iron, and can be used for a long time.

Unlike the press method, the heat transfer method is better because it thinner the area of ​​the fire and is lighter than the same plate thickness.The deep special shape makes the omelets and stir-resistant to spills.
Titanium handles are lightweight, durable, corrosive and heat resistant handles.

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