Kohey Wada 和田浩平

About Kohey Wada 和田浩平

2010 - Graduated from Aichi Gakuin University
2012 - Enrolled in Toyama Glass Art Institute
2014 - Graduated from Toyama Glass Art Institute
2016 - Graduated from Seto City New Century Craft Museum
2018 - Established "彩グラススタジオ" and set up a personal studio.

Kohei Wada, a talented ceramic artist, specializes in creating glassware with unique "stemware" designs. His designs eschew elaborate carvings and colors, instead relying on the pure form of glass to showcase their charm. The delicate glass stems, combined with modern and stylish cup bodies, always exude an elegant and adorable presence. Wada's glassblowing technique is exceptionally superb, maintaining a perfect sense of symmetry during the rotational shaping process, which is highly challenging.

With their understated elegance, Wada's glassware can be easily incorporated into everyday life. That's why his glass cups are so beloved by young people.