Japanese Incense / Incese Holder in Vancouver, BC

Yochi Cups carries the brand Kousaido, a Japanese incense brand founded in 1994. Kousaido is meticulous about creating fragrances that reflect the tastes of Kyoto. You can find your next incense fragrance in Vancouver, Canada.  

Japanese incense is made with natural materials and ingredients crafted into various unique fragrances and calming properties ideal for art and aromatic relaxation. Incense promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances meditation practices. Countries around the globe use incense in their everyday traditions!

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Our fragrance selection includes scents sourced from raw materials like sandalwood, aloe wood, and other herbs and resins. Our incense is handmade and designed to endure a long-lasting burning effect, filling your space with peace and tranquillity.

Japanese incense is imported and produced in Japan by modern perfumers, who have preserved their skills in raw materials and specialize in aromatherapy formulation. Kousaido incense is from Kyoto and embodies the essence of Kyoto's rich culture and history.

Visit our Richmond, BC, Canada store, and discover the exquisite Japanese incense for Canadians today!