Japan Noda Horo Pochika Milk Pan 14cm Enamelware

Color Grey

size: w16 x h14cm full water capacity: 1.2L

Enamel, in which a glassy glaze is baked onto iron, complements each other by taking advantage of the characteristics of both. Thanks to iron, it is durable, has good thermal conductivity and excellent cooling properties, and thanks to its glassy surface, it does not cause chemical reactions with the contents and does not change the taste*flavor of food or dishes.

Another feature is that it is resistant to odors and stains and easy to clean.

With good care, it is a tool that can be used for many years to come.

[Krull Series]

The milk pan and saucepan series are designed for ease of use and comfort. The combination of colors that fit in with your interior and natural wood (cherry) handles that bring out the natural texture of the wood. Both pans have a double-sided opening, so you can use them with whichever hand you prefer.

There may be some black scratches and spots on the surface, but these are the nature of enamelware and do not influence the product quality.

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