Freezer Food Containers with Lid - Cat

尺寸 M


XS 123x 123x 58mm  450ml

S 123x 123x 74mm  600ml

M 123x 123x 107mm  1100ml

L-1 123x 247x 58mm  1000ml

L 123x 247x 107mm  2250ml

A storage container that is perfect for pre-made storage.

Since it can be stacked, the inside of the refrigerator is neatly arranged.

It is not a completely closed container. Do not lay it on its side or place it in an unstable place as it may cause leakage.

This container is mainly for food preservation. Do not use it for other purposes such as ice making.

Precautions when using a microwave oven. When using in a microwave oven, be sure to remove the lid. The lid is not compatible with microwave ovens.

Do not heat oily foods (curry, meat sauce, etc.) and sugary foods (jam, caramel sauce, etc.) as the temperature of the food may become very high.

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