KAGAMI Crystal

Yochi Cups is the official authorized distributor in North America of Kagami Crystal, and we are honored to bring Kagami to North American region. We are excited to showcase and introduce Kagami's high-level craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic standards. We look forward to providing everyone with the opportunity to appreciate and understand the exceptional artistry behind Kagami's creations.
Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd. established by Kozo Kagami, opened Japan’s first crystal glass factory in 1934. Since its foundation over eighty years ago, the Company has developed advanced glass-making skills and techniques, including hand glassblowing, manual cutting and engraving, to fashion its range of original and high-quality glass products.

The products are widely used on official occasions, such as receptions for state guests and foreign dignitaries at the State Guesthouse, as well as Japanese embassies and consulates around the world. The Company has repeatedly received special commissions from the Imperial family. It is regarded as Japan’s leading supplier of superior glassware.

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