Kagami Crystal - A Pair of Sake Glasses, Edo Kiriko "Yui"

Style Instock
  • Size: 66 (Caliber) x 67 (Height)・120 (Capacity)
  • Not dishwasher safe not microwave safe

A set of glasses adorned in auspicious hues of red and white, featuring a cutting design inspired by "Mizuhiki," symbolizing the fostering of bonds between individuals. Traditionally, red and white Mizuhiki were crafted from hemp strings and used to adorn gifts for the Imperial Court and esteemed individuals in Japan. Today, Mizuhiki is fashioned from decorative paper strings and remains a customary choice for formal gift wrapping in Japan.

These glasses elegantly combine Edo Kiriko's traditional "Bamboo Fence" and "Hemp Leaf" patterns, offering a perfect gift for celebratory occasions or as a gesture of appreciation.

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