Traditional Shaker Boxes - Cherry Wood

Size #6

#2 15.2*10.4*5.7cm
#3 18.6*12.5*7cm
#4 22*15.4*8.4cm
#5 25.3*18.2*10cm
#6 27.5*20.8*12cm
#7 29.8*23.2*13.7cm
#8 32.3*25*15.3

There's nothing more elegant than a tower of oval Shaker boxes. Use small ones in the office to store paper clips or in your bedroom for spare change. Haven't had a chance to make a scrapbook from photos. Stylishly store your photos in a larger box. There's no more stylish storage on the face of the earth than these high-quality, hand crafted oval Shaker boxes.

They are made the same way as the Shakers did for over 150 years with copper tacks and small wooden dowels.

At Brent Rourke Designs, Shaker boxes are synonymous with quality craftsmanship and timeless design. Made the same today as then, with copper tacks and tiny wooden dowels, our Shaker boxes are sized from patterns made from the original boxes. Made from the highest quality select cherry or bird’s eye maple. Our attractive boxes will look elegant prominently displayed in your home.

Brent’s Shaker Boxes are owned by discriminating individuals from all over the world, including monarchs, opera stars and celebrities.

It's a testament to their beauty and originality that Shaker boxes, originating over 200 years ago are still made and sold today.

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