Portable Mosquito Coil Holder With Insulation Pad

Style Pig

Dimensions: approx. 90 x 25 mm (3.5 x 1")

Watermelon and lemon are two iconic symbols of summer in Japan. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also synonymous with summer worldwide, and they can become a major nuisance, especially when spending time in rural areas or tending to your garden or balcony. Carrying around insect repellent at all times may not be practical, but with the Portable Mini Mosquito Coil Case Lemon and Watermelon, you have a stylish and convenient solution that adds a touch of summer fun.

Crafted from enameled tin, the Portable Mini Mosquito Coil Case Lemon and Watermelon showcases vibrant images of these refreshing fruits on both the front and back. With dimensions of 90 x 25 mm (3.5 x 1"), it accommodates standard mosquito repellent coils of varying thicknesses. The durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable companion for countless summer days and nights. The included ring allows you to hang it from a hook, belt, or bag, providing a secure place to collect the coil ashes while keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay.

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