Nagatanien - Kamado San Rice Cooker Donabe

Size: φ24 cm x H18 cm / 1500 ml / 4 kg 

Contents include 1 Donabe (with Inner and Outer Lid), 1 Clay Trivet, 1 Beechwood Rive Spatula and 1 Set of both English and Japanese instructions. 

Established in 1832, Nagatani-en, follows a rich tradition of manufacturing Iga-yaki dating back 1300 years. Craftsmanship, knowledge passed through generations of hands to enjoy today.

Delicate care of a simple grain. Ceramic donabe rice cooker, everyday and close to our heart.  Made by hand, slow heat building quality of the thick walled ceramic donabe extracts the delicious sweetness of the rice and heat retention promotes shine and desired texture / chewiness when resting.  Simply the best!!  A lifetime companion from kitchen to table, bringing friends together, the symbolism of sharing the joys of food always make CIBI smiles!!

Before Use Let’s do ‘Me-dome’ / making plain congee

  1. Thoroughly wash the inside of your Donabe to remove any impurities they may be present from the manufacturing process.
  1. Place your donabe up-side down to dry.  It is very important the underside of your donabe is completely dry before proceeding to avoid cracking when placing on heat, if unsure simply leave overnight.
  1. Prior to applying to heat source place your dry donabe on cooktop and add a bowl of cooked rice.
  1. Fill up water to about 80% full and mix well with rice.
  1. Place lid on and cook with low heat for approximately 30 minutes until congee is ready.  If your donabe has two lids you do not need to place middle lid on during this process.
  1. Once congee is ready, turn the heat off and leave to completely cool down, this may take over an hour.  Once cool remove congee and wash donabe well.  Do not throw away your congee, you can enjoy as a meal afterwards as a reward.  Enjoy!!

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