Hasami Ware Diamond Shape Bowl

Style Mume

This is an elegant, Diamond-shaped bowl with delicate hand-painting. The rim is trimmed with a rust design, giving it a refined appearance. The inner rim features a well-drawn ajiro pattern, and the sides are adorned with charming flower paintings. It's not only perfect for everyday use but also makes for a great gift.

Please note that individual items may vary slightly in color, painting style, weight, and other characteristics. Additionally, some products may have small black spots (iron particles) on the surface or glaze drips, but these do not affect the quality.

Size: W15cm x L18cm x H4.5cm
Product Weight: 240g
Capacity (when filled to the brim): 380ml
Material: Porcelain
Texture: Glossy and Smooth
Place of Origin: Japan
Craftsman/Brand: Koryu Kiln / Hasami Ware
Oven: NOT
Microwave: OK
Dishwasher: OK

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