A Letter of Autumn Ceramic & Glass Exhibition

Our coming exhibition on this Saturday from Oct.28 -30.

【A Letter Of Autumn】 Ceramics and glass group exhibition by artist:

Hiraimutsumi - 平井睦美
Boobee Studio - 吉林三千代
Natsumi Muroi - 室井夏実
Wataru Fujiwara - Rutawa Rawajifu

After almost two years of discussion and collaboration, finally we have received all the artwork from and artist, and all ready to exhibit on weekend.

We invite you to join us at Yochi Cups this coming weekend from 11am - 6pm. To touch and to feel every pieces of artwork from the artist.

Oct.28 - 30
11am - 6pm

Address: 145 6699 River Rd, Richmond.

Artist Profile

吉林三千代 boobee studio

1970 Born in Nagoya, Japan

1991 Learned the techniques and joy of pottery from a local ceramic artist in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture

2000 Established "boobee.studio" in Seto City

She is creating pottery using clay for “Donabe” clay pots. Her goal is to make tableware that enhances the tastes and enjoyment of various cooking scenes.

The Japanese culinary tradition of “Donabe” clay pots- which are not only pottery but also a unique cooking tool that absorbs flavours over time, has been a captivating aspect.

She was amazed by the power of enhancing flavours through the clay.

While exploring various possibilities and enjoying the process, she shape her work in her own unique way.

"It will be my great pleasure when my pots can bring happiness by being a part of people's joy while they cook and eat….

I look forward to my pots becoming cherished, enduring partners in the kitchen for a long time with enjoyment and care."


平井睦美 Mutsumi Hirai

She studied glass in the university for 4 years in Japan.

After the graduation, she went to Seattle to take a short term glass study program.

Upon returning to Japan, she worked in a glass workshop for 5 years then established her own workshop.

Since then, she have been based in Okayama and holding solo exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

She create glassware by blowing glass herself and then sandblasting patterns onto them.

Her distinctive style involves not just carving patterns, but taking the time to intricately etch them, emphasizing the texture and feel when touched.

She would be very happy hermy glassware can bring a moment of joy in everyday life to the people using them.


室井夏実 Natsumi Muroi

Natsumi Muroi is engaged in ceramics in the lush city of Tochigi, Japan.

She strive to create moments that bring a smile to people’s face in the midst of everyday life through his artwork.

She is living with her beloved dog in heartwarming daily life, she is a ceramic artist who paints unique illustrations with a fantastic and whimsical touch on his pottery. Her focus is on creating handmade pieces, primarily featuring animal motifs.


Wataru Fujiwara 

Graduated from Osaka Fashion Culture Institute

Pursued pottery in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture

Established in Tatsuno City in 2012

2012 Solo Exhibition (Osaka, Ban Boo Leaf)

2013 Solo Exhibition (Nara, Kijin Kijin)

2014 Group Exhibition (Spain, Guadalajara Gallery)

Numerous other solo and group exhibitions (including overseas)

Currently living in Tatsuno City.