Kagami Crystal - Whiskey Glass, Edo Kiriko Kasaneirome "Kirara"

Experience the refined elegance of Japanese craftsmanship with the Whiskey Glass, Edo Kiriko Kasaneirome "Kirara," masterfully created by Tatsuya Nemoto, a celebrated Master of Traditional Crafts. The "Kirara" showcases a beautifully delicate pattern that highlights Mr. Nemoto's unique artistic vision, bringing a touch of sophistication to your drinking experience.

The dazzling cut of this glass is designed for adults who appreciate the elegance and artistry of finely crafted glassware. The intricate details and shimmering patterns make the "Kirara" a standout piece, perfect for those special moments when you want to indulge in life’s rich pleasures.

Handcrafted with precision, this high-end whiskey glass not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your drink but also offers a luxurious sensory experience. The Edo Kiriko Kasaneirome "Kirara" is more than just a whiskey glass; it is a piece of art that celebrates the timeless beauty and exceptional quality of Japanese craftsmanship.

Made from the finest crystal, this handmade whiskey glass is a perfect addition to any high-end Japanese tableware collection or a distinguished gift for whiskey enthusiasts. Enjoy the brilliance and clarity of the "Kirara," and let it elevate your moments of relaxation and celebration.

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