Studio M Lombre mug

Color white

Size: φ86mm/ W86mm/ D86mm/ H85mm/ 220cc

Dishwasher safe microwave safe

The Studio M Lombre Mug, meaning "shadow" in French, is a charming addition to your tableware collection. Featuring a relief design inspired by the arched windows of old buildings, the mug showcases a rhythmic, eye-pleasing pattern. Its durable and lightweight construction makes it easy to use, while the distinctive handle adds a nostalgic touch and a lighter impression.

Hand-carved in the mold, the arched relief is soft and warm, capturing the beautiful interplay of light and shadow that changes over time, evoking a sense of nostalgia. This versatile mug is perfect not only for coffee and other drinks but also as a dessert cup for enjoying ice cream sundaes.

The Lombre Mug invites you to reflect on the changing seasons and scenery as you enjoy its use. Studio M, a brand by Marumitsu Pottery (Marumitsu Poteri), focuses on creating everyday tableware designed for home use. The concept is not about standing out but about bringing a little bit of joy and comfort to your daily life.

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