Nagatanien - Steam Pot Donabe - Large White

Size: φ31×h20cm/3200mL/5.3kg

Do Not Use Dishwasher and Microwave

Donabe, the Japanese word for 'clay pot', describes the traditional Japanese earthenware pot that can be used directly over an open flame. Use this steamer donabe to enjoy healthy non-oil cooking with its removable secondary inner-lid that allows you to steam vegetables and proteins quickly while maintaining flavor and the vital nutrients of your ingredients. Excess fat will drip down the holes to the boil water underneath so that you can eat-lean. Remove the inner-lid when you want to enjoy cooking with the whole pot and prepare 'hot pot meals', shabu shabu, and convert the steamer easily for stewing or braising. The large size of the steamer pot is ideal for cooking family meals and we recommend bringing the whole pot to the table so that it can also double as a beautiful serving vessel.

Each donabe is made by hand with care and takes about 2 weeks to produce. Due to its hand-made nature and organic material, each pot will have some variation, which adds to the beautiful uniqueness of each piece. As you use the pot, you will see the bottom of the pot darken, and the color inside the pot slowly stain and grow character. This is part of the beautiful and natural aging process.

This donabe is made by Nagatani-en, a leading producer of authentic Iga-yaki pottery since 1832. Iga-yaki is said to have originated in Iga, Mie-Prefecture in the late 7th Century.

Before Use Let’s do ‘Me-dome’ / making plain congee

  1. Thoroughly wash the inside of your Donabe to remove any impurities they may be present from the manufacturing process.
  1. Place your donabe up-side down to dry.  It is very important the underside of your donabe is completely dry before proceeding to avoid cracking when placing on heat, if unsure simply leave overnight.
  1. Prior to applying to heat source place your dry donabe on cooktop and add a bowl of cooked rice.
  1. Fill up water to about 80% full and mix well with rice. 
  1. Place lid on and cook with low heat for approximately 30 minutes until congee is ready.  If your donabe has two lids you do not need to place middle lid on during this process.
  1. Once congee is ready, turn the heat off and leave to completely cool down, this may take over an hour.  Once cool remove congee and wash donabe well.  Do not throw away your congee, you can enjoy as a meal afterwards as a reward.  Enjoy!!

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