Japanese Traditional Color Chopsticks

Color Yellow

From Obama, Fukui Prefecture, the leading producer of lacquered chopsticks in Japan.

Each pair of chopsticks is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Obama. They are carefully carved from wood or bamboo, undergo multiple layers of undercoating and lacquering, adorned with shells or glitter, wrapped in washi paper, and decorated with intricate patterns. The craftsmanship is calculated to ensure optimal usability. We invite you to experience it firsthand.

Chopstick Size: 23cm

Material: Natural Bamboo

Finish: Lacquer

Made in Japan

Dishwasher Safe: Not recommended

Microwave Safe:Not recommended

Comes in a dedicated packaging


The squared-off shape fits comfortably in your hand, while the pointed tip allows for easy gripping of food. Made from bamboo sourced from Kumamoto and meticulously finished by craftsmen in Wakasa, these chopsticks are proudly made in Japan.

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