Studio M Bean Spoon - MAME Collection

Color Caramel

Size: L115 / W28mm


Blanc Pottery (Shino Soil) / White Matte Glaze / Reduction

Camel Pottery (Shino Soil) / Tea Satsuma Glazed / Reduction

No Dishwasher. No oven.

Microwave can be used.

Due to the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze It is easy to get rid of it and individual differences occur.

Due to the nature of pottery, there is intrusion.

A series with a warm and gentle atmosphere, with a semi-matte, rustic-textured glaze applied only to the tip.

It's not a spoon for scooping beans, but a small spoon with a round tip like beans, so it's a bean spoon.

A semi-matte, rustic-textured glaze is applied only to the tip, and the handle part is a white clay non-glaze finish.

The warm and gentle texture is so cute that you will want to pick it up.

At home, as a dessert spoon when eating yogurt or pudding.

I also use it as a teaspoon when drinking tea or coffee.

This bean spoon creates a nice atmosphere when you don't feel comfortable with an ordinary silver spoon. 

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