SALIU YUI Teapot Set 600ml - 5 Piece Gift Set (Teapot, Large Cup, Tea Tray) White

This spirit of striving for authenticity and excellence is deeply ingrained in Japanese craftsmanship. SALIU embodies this ethos, expressing the art of hospitality and the seamless integration of the changing seasons into daily life through a unique Japanese sensibility.

The SALIU YUI Teapot Set captures this philosophy, offering a delightful and cozy addition to your tea time. With its charming, rounded design, the YUI teapot can brew a generous 600ml of tea. The set includes a perfectly matching round teacup and a warm wooden tea tray, creating a serene and relaxing tea experience.


  • Teapot Size: 145*163mm, 600ml
  • Teacup Size: 90*58mm, 230ml
  • Cherry Wood Tea Tray: 100*10mm

This beautifully crafted tea set is an ideal gift for those who appreciate the art of Japanese tea culture and the elegance of thoughtful design.

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