Mimosa Waltz Round Plate

Size Medium
Plate L recommended for main dishes and pasta.
There is a little depth, so you can also serve soup.
Mimosa is loved all over the world as the flower of the beginning of spring.
Let's call spring at home with mimosa goods.

March 8th is International Women's Day established by the United Nations.
In Italy, March 8th is called "FESTA DELLA DONNA" (Women's Day), and it is the day when men give mimosa bouquets to women with respect and gratitude.
The women not only display the mimosas they receive, but also enjoy going out and eating out for a short time away from work, housework, and childcare.
This spring, how about gifting Mimosa motif miscellaneous goods to women and friends close to you as a way of expressing your gratitude.

[Size] Large φ20 x H3.5cm Medium φ15.5×H3cm
[Material] Hasami ware, pottery
[Compatibility] Dishwasher: ○ Microwave: ○ Oven: ×
[Country of origin] Japan

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