Studio M MAGNOLIA Flowers Shape Plate - White

Studio M MAGNOLIA Flowers Shape Plate - White

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Size: W158mm/ D109mm/ H23mm

Dishwasher/Microwave can be used.

No Oven.

Since old days, "Wagashi" or Japanese confectionery has attracted people in that it has beauty in appearance and exquisiteness in taste. It represents four seasons by variations of beautiful color hues and abundant culinary expressions.

"Magnolia" [16 flower-shaped plate], dade by combination of white earthen clay and glaze recipes which create a rustic feel, this confectionery plate represents a beautiful magnolia flower.

The softly appealing layered petals cup a "wagashi" gently, as it were, and give rhythmical effect to the overall look, which will enhance the beauty of food. 

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