Kousaido Incense - Low Smoke Incense


Internal capacity: about 7cm/180
Burning Time: About 15-17 minutes (per bottle)

It is a very high quality incense, almost smoke free. Carefully selected from raw materials and refined through a unique manufacturing method, it can be used in the room.

In the sky, the impression fragrance of the wonderful music is swaying, and the fragrance of perfume tree and dragon water is blended, which is noble and elegant.

Inspired by the boundless ocean, blended with oceanic notes, cool and less smoky.

Mihotoke incense has been blended with chinaberry and sandalwood to invite Buddha, contemplation, slow living, and empathy.

The fragrance of the constellations shining in the night sky and the flying cherry blossom petals overlapped with rose musk. Smells very gorgeous and less smoke.

The majestic zelkova trees have a pleasant aroma and make people feel refreshed. Harmonized the taste of zelkova.


Kyoto is a city with a long history and culture. Based in Kyoto, Kosaido is particular about creating fragrances that reflect the tastes of Kyoto.
For people living in a busy modern society, it started with the desire to bring some comfort and healing to their daily lives.
They deliver the richness of the heart through "incense".

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