KIITOS Chopsticks Gift Set

Style Pig

This exquisite gift set features auspicious motifs from Northern Europe, symbolizing happiness and blessings. Each design carries a unique and positive meaning:

  • "Prosperity in Business: Pig x Clover" - The pig, a symbol of wealth and prosperity, combined with the lucky four-leaf clover representing happiness and fame, is believed to bring success and improve one's luck in business.
  • "Harmonious Marriage: Dove x Forget-Me-Not" - The dove, symbolizing peace, and the forget-me-not flowers representing true love, together signify eternal and truthful love.

Chopsticks: Japan
Chopstick Holders: Philippines

Chopsticks: Natural wood with polyester urethane coating
Chopstick Holders: Natural wood with urethane coating

Set Content: Chopsticks × 2 Chopstick Holders × 2

Chopsticks: Approximately 225mm (length)
Chopstick Holders: Approximately 36mm (width)

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