Hasami Ware EASY DON Large Bowl

Color White

Size: W15xH9.5cm

dishwasher safe microwave safe

This bowl is perfect for serving various foods such as rice, noodles, salads, and soups. It has a simple and elegant appearance, but a large capacity that can hold up to approximately 860ml of food (depending on the fill level). The high base of the bowl has curved grooves, making it easy for women to hold it with one hand and not feel hot. The bowl's shape is also stackable and easy to store neatly without taking up too much space.

Please note that these bowls are handmade, and each one has unique characteristics and appearance. If you see some common phenomena in handcrafted items, such as paint peeling and uneven glaze, please consider it as part of the unique style.

When you stack three bowls, the height is approximately 14cm; four bowls are 16cm, and five are 18cm. This bowl is made from half-porcelain clay using pottery original formula, with a size of approximately φ150mm×h95mm and a weight of approximately 370g.


  • Due to being handmade, there may be subtle variations in color, shape, and size, resulting in individual differences between each piece.

  • Pinholes, black spots, and paint flaking may be present, as well as variations in pattern and color. Please enjoy the unique texture that comes with hand-painted items.

  • Please avoid sudden impacts and any handling that may cause damage or scratches.

  • Do not use if chipped, cracked, or broken, as it may cause injury from shards.

  • Do not expose to direct flames or place near a heat source.

  • Do not use in ovens, on IH stovetops, or for boiling or sterilization. *For items that cannot be used in a microwave or dishwasher, an attention sticker is attached to the product, so please check before use.



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