Miyama Mizu-mizu Rectangle Plate

Color Light Brown


8' Width/24.5x19cm Height/2.5cm

Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe

The star of the daily dining table is the food served in the bowl. Oda Toki, Fukayama, and designer Rina Ono work together to create dishes that are understated, yet reflect the main dish in a fresh and fresh way, while envisioning the scenery of the daily dining table.
Mizu-mizu is a dish that has two expressions, glossy blue-and-white porcelain and light candy, both of which have been commonly used since ancient times. The texture of the plate and bowl, with its traditional slight blue and caramel-like candy color, gives a sense of nostalgia that can be used for both Japanese and Western cuisine. The dishes are designed to harmonize not only with Western cuisine, but also with Japanese cuisine such as grilled fish, meat dishes, and simmered dishes with a savory aroma.

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