Calm 20 - 100% natural aromatic material Incense- 30 Sticks

When you wake up in the morning, and you feel a beloved song bubbling to your lips, feeling you with a refreshed happiness that's difficult to describe but vibrantly present, that's the magic of the morning. That is also how Calm 20 is designed to make you feel.

Calm 20 is built differently. It performs differently. It goes beyond regular in order to match the unique essence of you and give you the special morning you deserve. As the first subtle wisps of silky smoke rise from the glowing ember, let the feeling of weightlessness slowly take over. Fruity, hearty notes of pear and agarwood will carry you away to an overflowing garden on a calm spring morning. The fresh and juicy scents combined with the attractive herbal notes will put your mind at ease and leave you energized to tackle the day’s challenges.

In designing every one of our incense, we at Le Rouge prioritize quality of ingredients and experience above all else. The short-stick, square design of Calm 20 forms a unique incense stick that will subtly delight as the thin pillars of smoke slowly drift throughout your home. With only the finest natural aromatic materials, Calm 20 is made without the use of chemicals, binders, synthetics, or animal byproducts. And with the same amount of ingredients packed into a shorter stick, the richness and intensity of the irresistible fragrance is unparalleled.

30 short incense sticks (9 cm)
Rich, intense smoke with 25 minute burn time
A complimentary homemade pottery incense holder
Take the first step to a calmer mind, body, and spirit with Le Rouge’s Calm 20 incense sticks.

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